A crowdfunding platform specializing in music


For artists and fans to create music by mutual experiences


To be the best platform where artists create album / video / live show by direct fans’ funds

TWIN MUSIC is a crowdfunding platform where artists receive the budgets for new artistic works from fans, on the flip side, fans provide the budgets for new artistic works for artists through mutual experiences.

Artists offer not only end products but also any goods/services including the process for creating them in order to gain the budget, and keep sustainability of music business; this is the business model of TWIN MUSIC.

Artisists(eg: product managers) get all rights including master rights for their works 100%, by purchasers and TWIN MUSIC abandoning them.

The methodology is simple

In exchange for receiving recording / filming / live show budget, an artist can provide unique offers for fans.

for artists

Music Download/CD/Concert ticket/Private lesson/Dinner/etc.

In exchange for providing recording / filming / live show budget, fans can receive unique offers from an artist.

for fans

Music Download/CD/Concert ticket/Private lesson/Dinner/etc.