User Guide

About Sign up

  1. You can Sign up from here.
  2. Fulfill each inquiry, and click Send, then proceed Sign up.
  3. It is Pre-Sign up status.
    You will receive an E-mail with an URL for recognition. Click the URL and complete registration, then proceed to Sign up acceptance page.

About inquiry

for user

Display in your comment.
【E-mail address】
Need for Log in.
Chose from the pull-down menu.
Type by half-width(8-12 words and numbers)
【Terms of use】
Read our terms of use and accept it.
【Sign up with Facebook account】
You can Sign up from here.("Sign up with Facebook" button)

for Project Mangers / Artists


How to join in a project? (for users)

If you discover a project you like to join in, click read more.
Chose an offer
Chose an offer a project provides. (You can chose offers plurally.)
Fulfill the inquiry and message(option).
Confirm the inquiry
After fulfill the inquiry, click Confirm, and proceed to confirmation page.
Credit card payment
Confirm the inquiry and click Pay. Then proceed to Credit card payment page.
Follow the procedure and complete it.
Confirm the payment status
An error can be occured after complete the payment procedure.

*If an error occurs, your payment is NOT executed.

*In case an error occurs, confirm expiration date or maximum limits of your credit card.

*You can NOT cancel after the completion of payment procedure.