Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy was updated on February 20, 2017.

This privacy policy is applied to information (hereinafter referred to as “Customer Information”) gathered from users ("Customers") using this website (the “Site / Website”) through access to TWIN MUSIC operated by TWIN MUSIC LLC (collectively, “Our Company or us”) and interaction with us.

We may change this Privacy Policy appropriately; Changes to this privacy policy shall go into effect 30 days after the publication of the revised version. We will inform you by revising the date on the top of this Privacy Policy. It is your responsibility to check these Terms of Use periodically for any changes, and to know the latest information on the system of our data management to protect your own privacy.

The personal information located here means the personal information specified within the “Personal Information Protection Law” Information on living individuals that can identify to a specific individual by name, date of birth, or other description included in the information. including the information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in context.

Customer related information in the Customer Information on this page means the Customer Information rather than personal information.

About collection of Customer Information.

  1. We may need to collect personal information including names, dates of birth, E-mail addresses, and other related contact data of customer's ID for registration when the customer begins to use our Website. Furthermore, any of that information is limited to communication with clients or being able to use our Site. (client's application for registration.)
  2. We may obtain personal information disclosed in a lawfully recognized manner for an investigation into any violations, etc. Also you will get the notification, including Customer Information or credit information, from our business partners or outsiders.
  3. We may obtain the information that our member has provided to our business partners for a project which will need our business partner's IDs to associate them with member's information. Also, our business partners have been specified to allow the Customers to know about any information obtained, and the information must and will be under an agreement that they allow to to be provided.

About collection of customer related information.

We will collect Customer Related Information through the Customers use of our Website and connection. As well as obtaining the following Customer's Related Information automatically in any access or usage of this Site.

  1. Logs data: We will record the use history of the Website by any of the Customers. That data includes the records of the browser, the access time, the hardware's model, type of OS, and version information.
  2. Device data: We will collect the data, including the device model, the type of OS, OS version as well, in use this Website from your computer.
  3. Cookies or other information with motion tracking techniques: We will use various techniques, including Cookies that will send to the appliance you are using, and collecting data. Cookies mean any information that accumulates to a device memory or a hard drive. Using that technique will improve this Website as well as customer's experience. As for the method of collection: the information related to Cookies, details and invalidation for Cookie functions, Please confirm the following within the "Settings" topic.

Regarding the use of Customer Information.

The Purpose of Customer Information is as below.

  • Providing and management, improvement in our Website.
  • To inform the information related to any requirement from the Customers, content that the clients might be interested in, or both.
  • To send messages regarding any update announcements, technical support, security warning, and management.
  • To provide customer service, responses to questions from the clients and any inquiries, as well as requests.
  • To inform the latest information on our Site.
  • To analyze and observe trend information on our Site, Usage status, and content of activities.
  • To conduct an outsider offer that prescribed to this Privacy Policy.
  • To make differentiation and improvement to this Site.
    About disclosure of Customer Information and forwarding.
    Any Customers shall be deemed that they have agreed on following matters in advance.
  • Disclosure of Customer Information outside of Japan under permission of using this Website.
  • Forwarding Customer Information outside of Japan under permission for using any application software that an another company has provided.

About providing Customer Information.

  1. We may provide Customer Information in the following cases:
    • In case disclosure is requested based on a warrant.
    • In case getting Sender information disclosure request based on the Act on Limitation of Liability for Damages of the Specified Telecommunications Service Providers and the Right to Demand Disclosure of Identification Information of the Senders ("Provider Liability Limitation Law”).
    • In case it is needed to fulfill the obligation based on Related Laws and Regulations.
    • n case the order to offer information due to any legal procedures.
    • In case of the disclosed personal information has been deemed as proper due to request from a public institution.
    • n case needed to protect client's assets, lives, health. Moreover, customer agreement is hard to obtain.
    • In case providing Customer Information based on the user policy to protect any outsiders and Customers from damage and illegal acts.
    • n case Customer Information related to our business management including mergers and acquisitions. (Except If the condition that customer requests not to provide to outsiders.)
    • In case we deem providing Customer Information as necessary to manage service such as access log display.
    • In case providing Customer Information is considered as required to protect our rights, assets, and services. Due to being without a reasonable doubt that the customer violated the terms of use.
    • In the emergency case, the imminent danger to the body and property may occur to a customer or outsiders. Moreover, difficult to get the person’s agreement.
    • In case, personal information is allowed by the other laws and ordinances, to provide for outsiders.
  2. We allow offering registration information on purchasers to the Project Managers so as to provide offerings and getting in touch with the buyers. Moreover, the purchasers must consent to so without any objection.
  3. We allow offering registration information on purchasers to the Project Managers or business agent regarding such as delivery or contacting to provide the offering, contacting buyers, or both. Moreover, the purchasers must consent to without any objection.
  4. We allow offering Customer Information to those who entrust the payment agency that the Customers can know in advance, to settle the purchase price. Moreover, the purchasers must consent to it without any objection.
  5. We allow offering registration information of the purchaser, purchase request, or both in case of a particular project. Moreover, the purchasers must consent without any objection.
  6. Excluding each of the above cases, we do not disclose personal information to outsiders except for the following circumstances. Regardless of each of the previous sections, we may offer the information that can not be used specify to an individual directly as it is customer related information to outsiders.

Change and delete Customer Information.

  1. Customers can delete and modify their Personal Identifiable Information on member's page.
  2. In case you conduct the elimination processing, Personal information will be removed after it remains for selected period. Our system will save personal information during the selected period before the eradication process to prevent clients from suffering any loss due to the customer's failure, or for investigation cases if dishonesty has been found. Our Service will not use any Personal Identifiable Information after proceeding with the elimination.
  3. Regardless of the previous sections, Personal Identifiable Information will be applied to this Service until a project ends in failure, or if it has been completed.

Analysis by outsiders.

We permit outsiders to collect the data on this Website and analyze its date with any software for the access analysis.

The outsiders may use Cookies, Web beacon, and other technologies for gathering various information such as customer service, usage status of the Website, IP addresses, the browser you are using, browsing page, the page browsing time, the links you have clicked, the conversion information, and so
forth. We and the outsiders may use the collected information for Data analysis and tracking, understanding the popularity with contents and the Website, grasping the online customer activities.

This Privacy Policy will not apply to outsider's Cookies, Web beacon, and the other tracking technologies. Moreover, we will not assume any responsibility for their actions. Therefore, we highly recommend that you carefully confirm the Privacy Policy that outsiders perform information analysis, dealing with personal information as well.


We will conduct proper management measures to protect against the loss of Personal information, plagiarism, abuse, unauthorized accesses and disclosures, modification, and or damages.

Disclaimer relating to external links.

We will not have responsibility for protection or management regarding any data of link destinations on our Website. Therefore, we highly recommend that you carefully confirm the privacy policy on the external link and handling of Customer data which contains Personal Identifiable Information.

About setting


Any web browsers normally are set to permit Cookies. You can delete or reject them if necessary, however, please consider that deleting or rejecting cookies might affect using this Website, as well as the operating function.

Promotional activities

You can set the advertisements E-mails from us as invalid. Nevertheless, we may send E-mails besides the advertisements; such as the information on Customer Account.

Contact information

Please contact us by using following E-mail address regarding our Privacy Policy or handling of Customer Information.