Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act.

Corporate name
Kohichiro Azami
Location of head office
2-15-1, Tomigaya #504, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0063
Phone number
Contact address
Selling price
For the cloud funding service, please see "Offer" in each project.
For product sales, please visit the target product page.
In addition, both are tax inclusive display.
Payment Method
We use payment method provided by Telecom Credit Co., Ltd., and payment by credit card.
Payment Period
  • All-or-nothing method
  • The settlement will be executed when satisfying the establishment condition of the project specified for each project. (If you do not meet the conditions for establishing the project, it will not be settled.)
  • All-in method
  • The settlement will be executed when you pledge to receive offer from the project manager by paying the consideration.
  • Product sales
  • The settlement will be executed when we notify you that the application has been accepted in response to the customer's request to purchase the target product.
Delivery time
As for the crowdfunding service, we will make the post on the relevant page for each project.
For Product sales, we will ship the item as soon as soon as it is ready after the payment has been confirmed.
About charges,
other than the price of goods
Nothing in particular regarding crowdfunding service.
About returns and
cancellation of goods
  1. For crowdfunding service, we cannot cancel, return or refund any offer after the payment procedure has been completed by a purchaser. Because of the offer to the purchaser will be the order production due to its service’s nature. However, this is not the case if the execution of the project becomes impossible due to unavoidable reasons.
  2. With the regard to the sale of goods, we will not be able to return and exchange items except when there is a notice to our company within 8 days after the item arrives from the customer and there is a defect such as a quality defect, or a product mismatch.