Tomasz Dabrowski AD HOC with 南 博 (Hiroshi Minami) Unit JAPAN TOUR 2018

Activity report



Tomasz Dąbrowski (Tp) Tomasz Dąbrowski is an award-winning Polish trumpeter and composer settled in Copenhagen, Denmark. With seven albums released under his own name and dozens of CDs as a co-leader and sideman, he is considered one of the most gifted trumpeters and composers in Europe. Tomasz has mostly been known for his work with TOM TRIO, string of concerts S-O-L-O: 30th Birthday / 30 Concerts / 30 Cities and projects with Tyshawn Sorey, Kris Davis and Andrew Drury, which received raving reviews internationally and created opportunities to tour all over Europe, North America and Asia. Tomasz is a member of a Danish musician-run collective and record label Barefoot Records. AllAboutJazz magazine, named Tomasz as one of the 15 most significant European jazz musicians today. Over the last few years, while living in Denmark, Dąbrowski has worked and performed with some of the finest musicians and bands on the Danish scene: Marilyn Mazur, Kresten Osgood, Jacob Anderskov, Fredrik Lundin, Kasper Tranberg, the Copenhagen Art Ensemble, Hunger Pangs, Lotte Anker, Andreas Lang, AC, Mette Rasmussen, Simon Krabs, and Kasper Tom to name a few. Along with that Tomasz has worked and played with artists, such us: Tomasz Stańko, Evan Parker, Pheeroan akLaff, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Riccardo Del Fra, RJ Miller, Aaron Parks, Richard Bona, Stacey Kent, Rudi Mahall, Henrik Walsdorff, Avishai Cohen, Sam Pluta, Ikue Mori, Óskar Guðjónsson, Tyshawn Sorey, Kris Davis, Jonathan Blake, Andrew Drury, Gilad Hekselman, Alex Terrier, Rodolfo Zuniga and Jaleel Shaw. Tomasz was awarded with artistic scholarship by Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2012, a year later he has been named "Musician of the Year" by FFJ in Denmark [Foreningen af Fynske Jazzmusikere - Årets fynske jazzmusiker 2013]. He is a member of the program "You Me - Young Musicians play Europe" “TOM TRIO” [ILK, 2012] is the title of Tomasz Dąbrowski’s first album as a leader and the name of his international group. Featuring double bassist Nils Bo Davidsen and drummer Anders Mogensen, the music of “TOM TRIO” expresses an extraordinary blend of Slavic and Scandinavian personalities through long melodic lines, rough sound textures, and a precise sense of time. Album has just been released by the well-known Danish label – ILK Records. Album received rave reviews in Europe, USA and Japan & Tomasz got nominated to the FRYDERYK AWARD [Polish Music Industry Award], in the "Debut of the year, jazz music" category. Second solo album called "Steps" [For Tune 2013], is a duo with Tyshawn Sorey, recorded in New York durring the last visit in 2012. This album established Tomasz as one of the strongest voices of young generation on the European jazz scene. "Vermilion Tree" [For Tune 2014], is the name of the third album by Tomasz Dabrowski. Recorded together with Kris Davis on piano and Andrew Drury on drums. "Unlike other instruments the trumpet does not contain a generator of sound within itself. The human body of the trumpet player generates the sound, and this is merely amplified by the trumpet. In this way the trumpet becomes something like an extension of the body—which leads to many difficulties in mastering the instrument, but also to many possibilities for producing sounds with the most direct kind of musical expression. This can be heard in the playing of Tomasz Dabrowski on this recording. (...)" (Axel Dörner). Forth CD called TOM TRIO "Radical Moves" [For Tune 2014], is the second studio album by this well established group, described by Dabrowski as his working band. Newest release by Tomasz Dąbrowski is the album "Six Months and Ten Drops", recorded with the group FREE4ARTS. CD features seven original compositions, rich in strong ideas and unconventional musical solutions. The music is melodic and multidimensional, inspired by Tibetan chants, slavic heritage and European third stream jazz and avant-garde scene. It has a personal touch and a Scandinavian sense of space. Compositions were written for this specific lineup with one idea: to highlight the musicians’ unique voices and create a band, where the sound of one individual loses its meaning without a context. The group features some of the most impressive young players on the Scandinavian scene together with Jacob Anderskov, who has been described as a pianist, band leader and composer “belonging to the most extraordinary artists of contemporary music” (Jazz Podium, Germany) Tomasz Dąbrowski has always been rejecting the conventions of lineup choice: starting with a trio without a harmonic instrument, forming a duo with drums and a trio with piano and drums, playing solo trumpet concerts. Tomasz is always looking for new sounds, textures and forms, proving that the unconventional has its peculiar colour and is beautiful in its own way. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hiroki Chiba (Bass/Violin/Electronics) Starting to play the violin early in his life, Hiroki Chiba launched his career as a jazz bass player in 2004. Since then he has worked in a variety of musical contexts and regularly performs with Kinetic, Jim O’Rourke, Sangatsu, Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra, FilFla with Keiichi Sugimoto (minamo, Fourcolor), and Akiko Yano. His past performances include with Kyoka (Raster-noton), Giovanni di Domenico, Taku Unami, Tenniscoats, Yoshihide Otomo, Axel Dorner, Tetuzi Akiyama, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Muneomi Senju, Seiichi Yamamoto, Taku Sugimoto, Yoshio Ootani, Atsuhiro Ito, and ASUNA. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Motoi Kanamori (Bass) Motoi Kanamori was born in 1983. He spent a high school in the United State where he listened to the Jazz for the first time. In 2003, he came back to Japan to enter the Gunma University and started playing double bass in the Jazz club activity.In 2007, as he moved to Tokyo to enter the University Tokyo institute of technology, he started playing in the Jazz scene of Tokyo. In 2009, although he graduated and got a Master's degree of technology, he decided to be a Jazz bassist. He learned how to play the bass by himself. In 2012, he joined Japan tour with Vincent Herring(as) and Eric Alexander(ts). He did a live recording at Jazz club Smoke in NYC with Vincent and Eric in 2014. In the same year, he joined second Japan tour with them. In 2014, he joined China tour as a bassist of Yuichiro Tokuda(as) quartet. In2015, he joined Shanghi Jazz festival with Keisuke Nakamura(tp) quintet. In 2016, he joined the third Japan tour with Vincent Herring and Eric Alexander. In 2017, he did a recording with Vincent Herring, Eric Alexander, Anthony Wonsey(pf), and Erena Terakubo(as) in NYC and Joined Japan tour. The record of his original trio "My Soul Meeting" has been released in 2018. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hirosh Tsuboi (Drums) Born in Oita,Japan. Hirosh Tsuboi started drums when he entered Chiba university and was taught by Dairiki Hara.He has started a career as a professional drummer since he was a student.Afetr 10 years,he went to Canada and communicated with musicians. In 2012,he entered Ljunskile folkhögskola in Sweden and was taught by Terje Sundby.When Lars Jansson watched his playing,Lars said “What a sensitive feeling and sounds you have!Super!”he went to Germany after graduated and played with many musicians in Berlin. And now,he started his career in Tokyo. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////